The Islamic castle of Alcalá or Los Alcalanes (from the Arabic al-Qal’ä, “the Fortress”) occupies the top of one of the southern hills of the Falaguera mountain range, in the departure of the Castellars, near the Cueva Fumada, that divides with the term of Llombai. It is located at 170 masl, on a calcareous promontory surrounded by the Magro river to the south and the ravine of the Drowned to the N and O (geographic coordinates: latitude, 39º 19 ’48’ ‘, longitude, 0º 35’ 3 ”; UTM : X 708236.22, and 4356267.34). The remains of the castle are visible from the place of the Straits, when we move from Llombai in the direction of Real de Montroi on the road C-3322.

The visit is educational through information panels and information point.

It has a recreational area of ​​the Alcalans Castle (it can be reached by car), from where you can access the Castle on foot following the indications.

7 picnic tables were installed with two built-in benches, with a capacity for 6 people per table, measuring 1.95 m by 1.60 m.

Additionally, a picnic table prepared for people with reduced mobility was installed. The table has dimensions of 2.55 m by 1.60 m, and the capacity is the same as for the other tables but prepared to accommodate 4 people who have reduced mobility. Both the tables and the benches are made of wood. There is a path that comes from the PL. of the Constitution of Montserrat.


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